How to Start Your Own NFP Women’s Group

Though, NFP is natural and healthy, we at Elizabeth Ministry International know that it is something that people need support in if they are to be successful at it.

As users of NFP, we know that other users are sometimes hard to find. As instructors, we’ve witnessed the many obstacles that those transitioning to the NFP lifestyle sometimes have to face.

Many receive no support from their doctors; many have no support from their families; some don’t know another person who uses NFP; and some have all of these combined.

So we thought…

Wouldn’t it be great to provide an opportunity for NFP-users to get together?

Sometimes we want to be with other women and feel free to discuss details of cervical fluid, how to talk to our husbands about abstinence, or anything else that we have questions about without feeling inhibited by the presence of men they are not married to.

So, we at EMI have created our own NFP Women’s Group.  Unfortunately, not everyone lives in Northeast Wisconsin.  Rather than pay for expensive plane tickets, why not start your own group?

How To NFP_Women_s_Group-344x210

You don’t need much.  Really just an inviting space for people to gather, and the people themselves! We know that everyday women can be of great help to one another.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Consider advertising a meeting in the church bulletin, or create an open Facebook event and invite all your friends.  However, don’t underestimate the importance of face-to-face, person-to-person invitations.  Talk to your friends, talk to ladies at church, and invite, invite, invite.   You may find someone who uses NFP that you didn’t know used it!
  • Although it might be beneficial to have an NFP instructor present,  this is not an absolute necessity.
  • You may wish to meet somewhere at your parish, or perhaps you feel it would be cozy to meet in someone’s home, or even in a meeting room of a restaurant, coffee shop, or your local library. The possibilities are endless.
  • Provide food and drinks.  For the first gathering, consider asking for a sponsor or providing these yourself.  After the group has met once or twice, ask others to help by rotating refreshment responsibilities or having each person bring one item.
  • Be aware of timing, but remember you can’t please everyone.  Working moms will not be able to work during the day, and stay at home moms may be reluctant to leave in the evening.  Choose a time that works best for the most people and stick to it.  Realize that you’ll never find something that works for everyone – instead, encourage others who can’t make it to start their own group.
  • Have something prepared.  When women get together, conversation is usually not hard generate.  You will likely find that the topics come naturally when women gather. However, always be prepared with starter questions, topics, interesting news items, etc that can spark conversation if needed.  The web can be a great resource for conversation starters and discussion questions.

However you choose to go about it, we encourage you to reach out to others. Even if you find only one other NFP-user, we know that even the presence of one person who understands is a phenomenal gift, as shown by the presence of Elizabeth to Mary.


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