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Operi Dei Nihil Praeponatur

Beth and BirthI had an incredible spiritual birth.

Our God is an AWESOME God! He NEVER makes mistakes.

No matter what happens in your life; no matter what you think you need; ALWAYS have hope; ALWAYS keep the faith; ALWAYS trust that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light.

Operi Dei Nihil Praeponatur (Let nothing be preferred to the work of God.)

This is my own Fiat.

Imagine how amazing life can be for each of us if we just say YES. If we just let go of the control we think we have and remember that if we try to control the steering wheel…we are bound to crash. I learned how to fully trust and fully accept God’s will for my life as well as my baby’s.

I was pregnant with our fourth child in February, 2013. The first trimester I was terribly sick with an awful stomach virus that would not go away. I lost weight; I couldn’t eat. We took our 2 year old to the ER due to severe dehydration from the virus. It was a terrible time for our family. It was at this time in my pregnancy that I had feelings of it being different than my others. I shared this in my heart with Jesus and Mary. This was the beginning of my own spiritual birthing process.

I started meditating daily on offering this child to God. Not in the sense of “I don’t want this baby if there is something wrong” but rather, “I love you, God; enough that I trust in Your plan for this child.” I prayed my daily rosary and reflected more on meditating the mysteries…especially the Visitation.

Ah, the Visitation, how I absolutely LOVE this moment in history!! This mystery shouts beauty within family, friendship, loving embrace, pregnancy; the essence of life and true selfless love in sisterhood.

As I meditated daily on the rosary and each mystery, I became more joyful in coming to the realization that I carried a very special little being in my womb. I held that feeling in my heart and prayed more for my husband to be accepting of whatever God had planned for us.

Things seemed to go fine. After being sick the 1st trimester, I sailed into the 2nd with a clean bill of health and felt great! I was joyful as I prayed each day. I came to know Mary even more…

Mary became my doula during this pregnancy. She was a support in every way. She led me to her Son; she guided me to people here on earth to protect my baby. I felt her tugging my hand. I knew she wanted to me to consecrate myself and my baby to Jesus, through Mary.

At 18 weeks, I received a call from my doctor’s office. My doctor was on a leave of absence until further notice. I had this doctor for 17 years. He had delivered all my other babies. I knew the Holy Spirit and Mary were guiding me to my new doctor.

I prayed about the doctor. I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me. I found a practice that shares my faith in Christ and follows the teachings of the Catholic Church within their office…and insurance covers them!

I lived the Visitation at this point!

I traveled to my new doctor’s office. I had butterflies in my stomach along with my 20 week old unborn baby. I walked into his office and noticed the beautiful St. Michael the Archangel statue rested upon the fireplace mantle. I was called in.

Doctor came in with a huge smile on his warm face. I felt instantly at ease in his presence. We sat down on the two comfortable chairs in the exam room and got to know each other. It was wonderful! I never knew a doctor to ask questions about my faith, his interest in Elizabeth Ministry, and about other areas in my life. He had a genuine curiosity as to who I was.

After chatting, it was time to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I pulled up my shirt to show my growing belly. Baby was sleeping this whole time, fluttering a few times during the conversation…until the doctor came over with the doppler. He touched my tummy and my baby leaped in my womb – just as John the Baptist had in Elizabeth’s!! I knew that was not just any kick. This kick made me realize that my unborn baby had been filled with the Holy Spirit. I was exactly where I needed to be. Mary gently guided me to protection!! Praise God!!!

I began to renew my consecration, Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary. It was during my renewal that I let go of all worry I had. I attended daily Adoration. I meditated while I cleaned. I began to write again.

I looked for the joy of this life and I found it. I didn’t find it on facebook. I didn’t find it in a novel. I didn’t find it on my phone. I found it in the hearts of all human beings, but most importantly, in my husband and children. I found it in my old, broken, worn out home. I found joy in life!

At this point I was nearing the end of my pregnancy. It was October. I was attending classes to become a Pastoral Care Minister at the local Carmelite Spiritual Center. I attended a weekday Mass after one class and felt the urge to confess my sins.

I cried as I confessed. I told the priest how scared I was that something bad may happen during this birth. He was full of the Spirit and said EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Praise God for always lifting us up when we need it! I was ready for whatever God’s will was for our family.

The time had come. November 11, 2013. It was amazing and you can read the birth story here

We were snuggling our precious daughter!

Problems arose when we realized our baby was severely jaundiced. The times I held in my heart early on in the pregnancy flooded my mind. I knew God gave me the knowledge to let go of fear and fully trust that she would be just fine.

The doctor tried pushing formula, but I stood my ground and refused. I thank Jesus and Mary for using me as an instrument to keep my baby protected.

After three days under triple light therapy and strictly breastfeeding, her severe bilirubin levels became normal and we were sent home!

“Give thanks in all circumstance for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)



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