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Accepting Our Mothers For Who They Are

Hermosa Beach - 0286

This week’s post comes from Ellen Mongan, writer, speaker, and founder of Little Pink Dress Ministry

Moms, never have we needed God more in our lives more than the day we became a Mother. Yes, definitely, do not attempt motherhood alone! Mom, as soon as you hear the words, “You’re pregnant “our first thought should be, “Oh, God help me!” Especially if it is your first child and for sure, hands down, or hands up if it is your eighth child.

Motherhood is a job with no paycheck, no title and many daily sacrifices done in love that go unnoticed. The hours are long and you cannot even send in your resignation. I know you’ve tried? Have you read the scripture, “You are a priest forever in the line of Melchizedek?” Well, it is the same for a mom. You are a Mom forever. It is the never-ending job with a love that will never end.

Now for a heart check — Did you ever want to trade your mom in for a new model? Maybe you want a prayerful mom, who when you call for advice, she listens patiently, then with the wisdom of Solomon she gives you just the right advice. Then, just like the Blessed Mother Theresa she would end the conversation with, “Honey, I am so sorry that you hurt. I’ll tell you what I am going to do, I’m going to leave my dirty dishes in the sink for later, drive over to the Adoration Chapel and spend an hour in prayer for you before the Blessed Sacrament,” or maybe your mom is the serious type and you secretly wanted a “fun” mom, the kind of mom with whom you could stay up all night and laugh until your sides hurt, the kind of mom you could jump up and down on the bed with when you were 5, and the mom you could be your self with when you are 25, the mom like Mr. Rogers, “who likes you just the way you are,” warts and all! Or, maybe you had the mom who had to work, and secretly you wanted the mom who was waiting by the door, greeting you with a smile and a plate of cookies when you came home from school. Or, maybe your mom, due to the storms of life that came her way, was unable to nurture you. She was hit with rain without any umbrella, and who was so broken inside that as a mom, all she could do was go through the motions. You thought she was ignoring you, but really she was surviving and did the best she could. Or maybe your mom was overly attentive. As you put your glass down, it was already on the way to the dishwasher, but you wanted to eat the ice cubes. She was at every cheerleader competition with a button that had your picture on it and told everyone you were the captain of the Squad — even to people you did not know. She was so proud of you and was your cheerleader. She would wake you up singing, “This the day the Lord has made…” but you do not do mornings and secretly but loudly with your body language you were saying, “Go away mom, I’m sleepy!”

Yes, moms come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and walks of life. Moms have different gifts, different personalities, different voices, different temperaments, and even different senses of humor. These precious qualities sometimes get on even the most loving daughter’s nerves. You want to shout out, “Mom, I have one nerve left and you are on it, so back off and leave me alone!” Let’s think about our Savior, Jesus Christ. He too had a mom, Blessed Mary, who is our mother also. Mary is always reaching out her arm to love us with and a mother’s heart of unconditional love. Get to know Mary; she has great credentials. She parented Jesus. We should all agree, he came out perfect in every way! Now, can you ever picture Jesus finding fault with his mother? No way! Is that only because he was the Son of God and a person of the Blessed Trinity? God is love and love is acceptance! To be fair Mary was conceived without original sin and was the perfect mother, but even if she were not, Jesus would have done nothing less than honor and love his mother. What big shoes we have to fill to emulate our Savior Jesus Christ.

Have you heard the expression, “God does not always give you what you want, he gives you what you need.”? Your mom was chosen by God, an all loving, all knowing, all powerful God, to bear the title of “Mommy, Mom, or Mother.” Have you thanked her, you daughters? Not only for giving you life, which is huge these days, but also for the life lessons along the way that she taught you? Today, let’s make a fresh start with the gift of our moms. Let us ask God to build our relationships, forgiving the past hurts and put the past behind us. Let’s ask our one true God to give us eyes to see the gift our mothers are. Let’s love, accept, and honor our moms, for the mom she is, and not reject her for the mom she isn’t! Let’s ask God to give us eyes to see all the ways our moms have loved us, and sacrificed for us, when it was convenient and when it was not, meeting our needs and our wants when they could afford it, and when they could not. They may not have appeared to be the mom that left the dishes to pray for you, but perhaps when they laid down that night, they chose to intercede for you all night long! Yes, sacrificing their sleep for your intentions. But daughters, that is par for the course for us moms, we have already journeyed that road of sleepless nights before, when we brought our new babies home from the hospital. Maybe you never felt loved by your mother, but I am going to tell you from a mother’s heart (a mother of 8) without even meeting your mom, I know she loves you totally and completely. You see, a mother’s heart is a gift from God. He grows it there.

Now, let’s get serious. Maybe you were the wayward child, instead of the fair-haired dimple darling favorite one. You chose the road of the black sheep, but you have grown up. You’ve changed; you’ve repented, but are afraid you have been labeled by the family. God knows your heart dear one, and your mom sees it too. As a mother of children who do not always choose the ways of God, I tell you, your parents pray for you harder than anyone else. You see in the middle of a mother’s heart is a love that will never end — God’s love! She carried you first in her womb, with nine months of nausea. Need I say more? How can they forget the child of their womb, then in their heart? You are bone of her bones, flesh of her flesh. Forever is a really long time, but she will always hold you close to her heart.

If your mom has gone to be with the Lord, you can pray to Jesus and tell him how much you love her, but she knows my friend. So, as we end this time together, I hope you never forget that each mom is a gift and each daughter is too. We are all on a journey; life is full of challenges, but if we put our hand in the hand of our Heavenly Father and learn to lean on Him, he will guide our path. He is our GPS, leading us to the center of his heart. If you are able, I hope you can give your mother a hug. Mothers, my hat is off to you and I applaud you.


photo credit: Hermosa Beach – 0286 via photopin (license)


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