Invade My Heart

Heart cut out in the clouds with the sun rays shining through. Bolingbrook, IL. 2015
Heart cut out in the clouds with the sun rays shining through. Bolingbrook, IL. 2015

In light of many blessings that my friends and I have been experiencing lately, I’d like to send you on a meditative journey I wrote for myself a little while back. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and until recently, kept it all either to myself, or written on my personal blog that I’d never expect anyone but myself to read. I am truly grateful for Elizabeth Ministry International to allow me to be a part of this beautifully talented team of authors!

No matter what is happening in your life right at this moment, I want you to try to meditate and place yourself at the Foot of the Cross. Please read on, relax, and enjoy….

Dear Heavenly Father,

I accept that I am a sinner.
I accept that I have flaws.

I, like every other human being, have issues and immature moments that I am not proud of.


God still calls upon me to be His servant.

I inhale the Holy Spirit…

I exhale.

As I breathe, I start to focus on my surroundings. I pause. I breathe again and in my mind, I look up.

I can see my Savior, badly bruised, bleeding, broken.

I know what I must do.

I need to spread the love of Christ as best as I can. I must be a beacon of light, a lighthouse, to bring others to the Cross. I need to love everyone, no matter what.

I eat Jesus’ Body and Blood every Sunday so I can remain nourished. I offer myself as His humble servant, to empower others, and perhaps, to fall in love with Christ like I have.
I offer myself to be a ray of light in the dark world.
I am ready and willing to be God’s instrument. I am an obedient servant for my King.
I have no idea what the future brings, but I know in my soul something great awaits us all. I must strive to have complete trust in the Lord.

As I learn more everyday, I trust more.
As I trust more, I can love better.

As I love better, I am drawn more intimately with Christ.

When I am more intimate with Christ, my mind is clear of all the secular and worldly clutter.

Although it is important to know what is happening around us in this world, the most important thing any one of us could do is love our neighbor, figuratively and literally! Stop fighting, stop arguing, stop pushing and just love them for who they are….we are all children of God, all created in His likeness and all destined for heaven if we so choose to say yes to Jesus Christ. And for those who do not say yes, in the words of Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta, “Love them anyway.”

How can we bring others to Christ if we don’t show even the worst sinner unconditional love?

I have been shown, through the Holy Spirit, St. Therese of Lisieux. She is the Littleflower, the child of God. Ironically, this is the saint I chose for my Confirmation name at 13 years old. Had I known then what I know now about her, I’d say God allowed St. Therese to make me her mission. I do think she may have chosen me!

Have you ever learned about any of the saints? Do you have one that calls you? Have you ever thought to just ask God in prayer to allow a saint to help guide you to Him?

As my patron saint explained her vocation was love, so do I. I am meant to love others in a way to draw them closer to God.

What is your vocation?
What are you meant to do on this earth before you are called Home?

These are serious questions we should all be asking ourselves. Are you striving to do Our Father’s will, or do you think you have everything under control?

Double rainbow behind our home after Illinois tornado watches in June 2015.
Double rainbow behind our home after Illinois tornado watches in June 2015.

In closing, please recite this simple prayer. You can use this in your morning ritual, nightly prayer or just a one time deal. Remember to always make efforts to be a beacon of light in this dark world, through prayer and love.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Heavenly Father,

Please use me to gather Your flock, dear Lord. Allow others to witness the ultimate love only You can have for us, sweet Jesus! I am Yours and I ask that You invade my heart every day for the rest of my life.

Jesus, please invade my heart and increase my faith!

Mama Mary, please hold my hand and guide me to your Son’s Sacred Heart!

St. Therese, the Littleflower, please show me your little way, so I can learn to love more today!



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