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Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re talking about neither mamas nor babies, pregnancy nor miscarriage. Today we’re talking about the other half of Elizabeth Ministry, RECLAiM Sexual Health™ and the effect that pornography has on our culture and the future of families. That’s basically mamas and papas, and all the kids as well!


The effect is huge. Critical. Your help is needed!

You probably watched the Olympics over the past month. Most of it was wonderful, full of glitz, guts and glory. But did you happen to see the burger-chain ad? (Maybe there was more than one; I’m just an old prude, but the one I saw on prime-time TV certainly raised my eyebrows!) I was embarrassed for the sake of parents whose children happened to be watching at the time. How has it happened that a company whose goal is to sell food uses pornography to sell it? (But, no, we’re not going there!)

Once upon a time, we had the “Legion of Decency.” Now someone (undoubtedly Satan!) has told us that we have the right to be indecent! Certainly God made man and woman and called them good, but that goodness came from the sacredness of man’s and woman’s sexuality. Something of great value is made to be protected and cherished. What we value is not meant to be paraded through mud or trampled by swine. (Matthew 7:6)

There are many websites and blogs, miles of statistics and acres of articles pointing out the direction of our culture. We know where it’s going! What can we do about it?

First of all we can pray!

At the beginning of each month you’ve noticed that this blog includes a list of prayer needs. Did you know that there is a (confidential) list of individuals who have agreed to pray consistently for the needs of Elizabeth Ministry, and more specifically, for RECLAiM Sexual Health? Some of these prayer ministers came through the RECLAiM website. Some of those individuals may be students of RECLAiM who are themselves fighting a porn habit and need to know that someone is praying for them and, in many cases, for the healing of their marriages. Some of our prayer ministers are monks and nuns who have taken a vow of celibacy. Some prayer ministers are EM chapter leaders and support personnel. If you would also agree to join us in consistent prayer, please sign up by emailing Provide your name, an email address, and a simple statement of intent to pray with us. This prayer initiative does include, of course, the “mother and child” needs of EM, but is primarily a means of opposing Satan’s attempt to destroy families and relationships through pornography. Occasionally an “Immediate Need” email is sent out during the month, but the list of needs is generally identical to those that are posted with this first-of-the-month blog entry. So, sign up by emailing and let us know that you’re joining us in prayer.

Our second “to-do” is to educate ourselves about RECLAiM. For this, let me call upon my confrere in the next office to share with us some information:

Basically, what is RECLAiM?

RECLAiM is a fully Catholic, online subscription program [link] designed to help individuals acknowledge and rid themselves of a pornography habit and/or other unhealthy sexual behaviors. Each individual enlisting in the program chooses a screen name to maintain his/her anonymity.

What are the components of RECLAiM?

RECLAiM consists of 20-plus hours of teaching on the brain chemistry basis of porn habits, along with a set of exercises clinically demonstrated to help people break out of those habits. The daily exercises are supported by a tracking system to aid the individual in monitoring his or her progress. Each individual is assigned an online coach to answer questions and provide support and accountability. Members are also invited to join an online forum where they support one another in the practical steps toward freedom. The RECLAiM program is reinforced throughout with Catholic moral teaching, Scripture, Theology of the Body, and recommendations for the Sacraments.

About how many members are there?

The RECLAiM program has helped more than 2000 individuals. Several hundred are currently enrolled.

What can we ordinary people do to be “mini-ambassadors” of RECLAiM?

Go to the RECLAiM website to learn more about this approach to purity and freedom. At the website, order flyers for your parish and “Confession Cards” for your pastor to inform others of this path to freedom. Contact your diocesan “Family Life Office” and tell them about RECLAiM Sexual Health. And of course, donations are necessary to keep the program financially healthy.

And from there we go back to the beginning: PRAY! Please do join us! Every family, every parent and every child needs your help, and most of all, we need the help of our Almighty Lord, Jesus Christ.


of Elizabeth Ministry/RECLAiM

Faithful Lord, Jesus Christ, we are so blest to be calling on your Name and presenting these needs to Your Father and ours:

+ for the spread and success of the RECLAiM Sexual Health™ program in dealing with pornography addictions throughout the world.

+for individuals who are enrolled in the RECLAiM program, for their determination and success in breaking their addiction to pornography.

+for healthy marriages and families, and for those experiencing tension and crisis.

+for the healing and reconciliation of previously unhealthy parent/child relationships.

+ for greater respect for the authority of parents, governmental officials and law officers.

+for the legal protection of all human life, from natural conception to natural death.

+for those who live in physical, mental, moral or spiritual danger, that they might experience God’s protective power.

+ for the continued healing of premature baby boy, Aneal (“ah-nah-yel”), who will be undergoing additional surgery in mid-September to complete his undeveloped digestive system, and for his parents.

+Thank you, Lord Jesus, that premature baby, Lilly, is finally home with her twin sister, Brooke, and her family!

+for couples who experience infertility, those undergoing difficult pregnancies, and those who grieve the death of their children, that they may receive support and comfort.

+for refugees and those affected by or involved in human trafficking, that they may know God’s love and mercy, and receive the help they need.

+for EM volunteers, members, and all those with physical needs, especially for Gerrie, Judy, Sue, and Sue’s son who has bone issues, that they may experience the Lord’s healing presence.

+for the financial needs of Elizabeth Ministry, and for generous donors and volunteers.

+for the needs of those who join us in prayer.
……….and again, Lord Jesus, Thank You for the privilege of knowing, loving and serving You in this world, and looking forward to Your Presence in eternal Life! Amen!!

photo credit: Prayer is vital at SMBC via photopin (license)


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