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Time Worth Treasuring


Nancy, her husband, and their family.
Nancy, her husband, and their family.

When our 6th child was born, we were frequently asked, “So is this it?  Are you done?”  My husband loved to quip, “Actually, we’re hoping she’s the middle child!”  Laughs all around ensued.

Truth to tell, we had no idea if she was going to be our final baby or not.  But we were determined to simply enjoy her and not focus too far into the future.  We knew God would lead us as we made plans for our family.

Fast forward from 2004 to 2015 and that daughter of ours DID become our middle child when we had baby #11!  My husband and I laughed heartily as we remembered his little joke from 11 years ago. Who knew it was a prophecy, not a clever quip?

Now, we are expecting again.  We are both 44 years old and will be close to our 45th birthdays by the time our baby arrives.  Neither of us would have guessed on our wedding day that we’d still be welcoming a new life at this age, but we are truly grateful.

It’s startling to realize we’ll be nearly 63 when this baby turns 18.  But on the other hand, I reflect on how with age comes wisdom and patience. Those gifts will be invaluable as we parent our youngest children. They will also likely be able to travel more with us and have more one on one time, gifts we couldn’t bestow on our oldest children but we hope to lavish on this “bonus baby.”

I absolutely adore watching our oldest children pour love into our little ones as well. A new baby is a gift to all the other children, just as those older siblings are a gift to baby #12. The tenderness demonstrated between olders and youngers completely warms my heart. The love grows and builds with every addition to the family.

So while uncertainties and risks seem to increase when you are a “geriatric” pregnant mommy, I am very certain of a few things.

Every life is precious.  Every child is worth thanking God for each and every day.  Every day of this pregnancy is worth treasuring.

Epilogue: The day after I wrote these words, we went in for an ultrasound and learned that our precious baby had passed away.  We’ve named him Benedict Andrew and you can learn more about our experience by watching this short youtube video.  https://youtu.be/PvqwW9phpvk

Editor’s Note: We are so grateful that Nancy has privileged us all to accompany her family in this time of both joy and sorrow. Her family is a beautiful witness to the value of each and every life, whether it culminates in a joyous birth or in a new little Saint to pray for her family in heaven. Please join EMI staff in praying for Nancy and her family and all those who are experiencing a miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn death.



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