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Titus II Part 4: An Interview with Carrie Huebner on Helping Those Living with Infertility

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We all know the familiar quote, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!” This quote can be such a motivator when you are determined to achieve a degree, go for the Olympic gold, or move up in your career. The words even egg you on if you are trying to win the Publisher’s Clearing House! Competitive people always try hard to achieve the goals they have set before them in life. Somehow the words “try, try, again,” do not provide such motivation when conception is the challenge. Rather, these words seem to take the joy out of your heart when you are trying to achieve a pregnancy, especially if you have recently miscarried. Trying for a baby, which was once half the fun, now seems to have become either routine or mundane. Your hope is almost gone, leaking out of your heart through your tears. “Will I ever have a baby?” is the question silently said in your heart. “What is wrong with me?” is often a question asked by a woman desiring a child. Your empty womb breeds a heavy heart. Failure to conceive gives in to doubt. Past miscarriages give way to fears that you do not even want to voice. This is the challenge that many women face, while those who have not experienced infertility are unaware of the challenge it becomes. How can women avoid these pitfalls and continue to hope to conceive and carry that blessing of a baby all the way from the desire of their hearts into a baby in their arms?

It is at times like this that one needs “Titus II Women” to come to their aid. “Titus II Women” help in different ways. Here are some examples: a “Spiritual Mother” guides a woman in her faith; a “Mommy Mentor” teaches a woman how to live her vocation as wife and mother. Then there are “Titus II Women” who are called by God to get us through a specific trial in one’s life. When we find ourselves on a road we have never trod before and a mountain seems to be in the way, we need someone to guide us over the mountain.

When we face a mountain in our life that we cannot move, we may think, “This is impossible!” All hope seems lost! We need someone to pray for us, guide us, teach us, and lead us up the mountain. Carrie Heubner is a mentor called by God to be the GPS over the “mountain of infertility.” As a “Fertility Care Practitioner” Carrie brings words of hope and the possibility of healing to every woman who wants to conceive. She eases a woman’s fear of repeated miscarriages. She shares some practical wisdom and insight with those whom God puts in her path. Carrie Huebner is a “Titus II Woman” who helps in cases like this.

Let me tell you a little bit about Carrie Huebner. Carrie is a MPT, CFCP has been married for 12 years to her wonderful husband Rick. While struggling with their own infertility journey, they found the help they needed through the Creighton Model of FertilityCare SystemTM and NaPro Technology. They now have four “NaPro” miracles: Ava, Ellis, Max, and Therese with number five due any day! She was born and raised in Melbourne Beach, FL and attended the University of Florida obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physical Therapy degree. She is currently working on her Master in Health Science in Integrative Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine. She is a Certified Fertility Care™ Practitioner for the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System. Carrie wanted to be part of bringing the best health and wellness to women and couples. To help make this happen she founded the Santa Casa Fertility Care™ Center. Drawn to evangelization and education, Carrie and her husband have also provided information as well as a personal witness to groups of all ages on marriage and family, infertility, and NaPro Technology.

Many of Carrie’s clients go to NaPro-trained physician, Dr. Fernandez at JMJ Family Practice in Kissimmee, Florida. NaPro Technology is a new women’s health science that treats many gynecological health issues by trying to get at the root cause of the issue and treating that, including infertility. Because a woman’s fertility chart provides a wealth of information to properly trained physicians, Carrie teaches her clients how to observe their fertility signs, or biomarkers, which Dr. Fernandez can use to diagnose issues and to understand what may be the cause of infertility. Carrie dedicates her time either in person or on Skype getting to know a woman and hearing her story. A well trained “Titus II Woman” always has the time to hear the story. While the relationship is being built and trust is established, Carrie is able to add an important piece to the puzzle.

We are all uniquely and wonderfully made and no one solution fits all. Stress in a job, in a home or in a marriage can affect a woman’s fertility. Endometriosis accounts for 80 percent of miscarriages. Also thyroid problems are not uncommon. Lastly, Carrie, a mature woman of God, speaks to women about their spiritual health. Unforgiveness in one’s heart, anger at a mate, or fear of pregnancy must also be investigated. As a FertilityCare Practitioner, Carrie takes into account the whole person. If lifestyle changes are needed or if Dr. Fernandez has given nutrition advice, Carrie often supports the clients by giving recipes or other helpful tips to help so that the client be successful in implementing these changes. Lifestyle changes can be slower but the results can be rewarding. When it comes to infertility, NaPro Technology is more successful in helping couples bear children than In Vitro Fertilization and often much cheaper. Carrie tells her clients, however, that this is a “marathon,” not a sprint.

If you are facing the “mountain of infertility” in your life, do not give up hope. Winston Churchill said, “Never ever give up hope.” Father Michael spoke these words to me one day in confession, “Either God will take the cross away, or He will give you the grace to bear it.” God’s Word says that in every trial God provides a way out. Although Carrie doesn’t have all the answers, we know our “All-Knowing God” does. Let Carrie be your guide up the mountain. As a “Titus II Woman” she will be there for you. We will be praying for you!

Carrie Huebner email:
Santa Casa FertilityCare Center, Canton, GA 30114
Features NaProTECHNOLOGY® | Long-distance Teaching
Phone: 678-908-4160

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