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The Right Time to Have Your First Baby

One day I was having a conversation with a friend about pregnancy at my age.  I already knew that my fertility would most likely go down around the age of 35.   Coming close to that age, reaching it, or even passing it, is a concern for so many.  And although my heart longed for children already in my late twenties, I was able to reach contentment and peace about God’s plan for children.

My single years of longing, loneliness, and pain have taught me that a husband would be one of my greatest gifts.  Knowing this, I didn’t need to worry about possible infertility problems.  It taught me that I could marry my husband and be content with our decision on when we would like to start trying for children even if I am 35 or older.  I believe whatever is to come regarding getting pregnant and having a healthy baby, is in God’s hands. His plan is so much bigger and better than mine.

I have witnessed so many blessings of fertility from my friends. Many struggled with infertility and some decided to adopt. Years later they have biological children. How does that happen? I’ve seen all their children are a miracle and gift from God. It tells me that no matter if I stressed about this, started trying as soon as possible, or waited, God is ultimately in charge. What will be my story of trying to have children? I do not know, and that is ok. Everyone has their own unique story.

I truly want to embrace God’s plan and what he has in store. I trust Him. I’ve had so many years of learning how to be happy with my present, that it just spills over into all aspects of my life. I wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal what is next. God is always working.  Although I’d love to start trying only a few months after getting married, it is not time. Right now, God has something else in the works that I am trying to discern. I have no doubt that all the things up in the air will come together. So, when is the right time?  People say there isn’t a right time, but I don’t buy into that. It is the right time when God shows you it is.

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2 thoughts on “The Right Time to Have Your First Baby

  1. Thanks for the lovely article. There’s a lot of pressure, especially as we enter our 30s, to have children as soon as possible. A lot of my married friends get snubbed at some of the folks at church because they’re childless (at least one couple being physically incapable of ever having children due to health issues). I honestly want to wait on kids, to learn more about my vocation as a wife before becoming a mother despite the pressure; I kind of have to, looking at my life. So, your words are very comforting to me. God bless ❤

    1. It gives me joy that you have found some comfort here. I find freedom from the pressure when I trust God rather than worry about what others are thinking. Blessings to you as you continue to learn about being a wife.

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