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Light Up the School Year

photo credit: MrJamesBaker Close-up High Angle View of Blue Objects via photopin (license)

[I wrote these thoughts last year, as my first child headed off to Kindergarten.  As she prepares for the upcoming start to the new school year, the emotions and hopes for her remain the same.]

Lunch packed–check. Outfit laid out–check. Backpack packed–check. Emotional Mom–check and double check.

For the past 5 1/2 years, my sweet little Adelyn has been my trusty sidekick, rarely extending out of arms reach (or at most just across the hall when in daycare). Tonight, I am laboring- about to give “birth” to her out into the world beyond the security of our home and my continuous care.

I am a smorgasbord of emotions, not dissimilar to a cold evening in January of 2011. I am excited for her to embark on this fantastic journey. She will learn so much and meet new friends. I am also terrified, because I know there will inevitably be pain at some point. Her little heart is so sweet and tender, which makes her a beautiful friend and confidant for others, but also at risk for getting crushed. I laugh to myself tonight, as I recall some of the cute questions she has had regarding her time at school. “Mom, is it ok to fart in Kindergarten?”

The past few nights, we have really been emphasizing and discussing the “Jesus Light” within her. We’ve stressed the importance of making decisions and acting in ways that keep her light shining brightly as well as the lights of those she interacts with. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, our lights and the lights of others are all too often neglected, barely smoldering if not completely burnt out. I pray that she never loses sight of what truly matters in life and holds steadfast to her beliefs and values.

As I laid in bed with her tonight, she squealed with excitement in anticipation of her big day tomorrow. I smiled as she hugged me tight and told me “Mom, you know, I will be back before supper time. You will be fine. Well, except if the boys fart and cause a lot of ruckus.” I know I will be fine.

As we hit “transition” tomorrow morning, my heart will ache a little, tears will undeniably roll. But when those mini-van doors slide open, and one final push (there’s a chance my husband Adam may literally have to push/pull me out of the van when we pull up to the school), girl you will be out and into the wonderful world of kindergarten. The tears will subside and the happiness of watching you grow and flourish will take over. Adelyn, I am eager to see all of the magnificent ways you “go light your world!”


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