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Making Advent Purposeful

A misconception people have of single people is that they have more time. As Christmas draws closer, the hustle and bustle takes over people’s lives, and it seems like there is less time to do everything. In the midst of this a few years ago, I remember telling a mom with children that I was also very busy, but I chose not to be stressed. I wasn’t sure if she believed me. Later, I posted on Facebook about how full single people’s lives truly can be. However, I realized then that my life may look very different as a single woman, but that didn’t mean I had more time.

I filled my time with work, a college course, volunteering, working out, spending time with family and friends when I could, shopping, and making food. When I was dating, I also spent time with my boyfriend and his family. My life was full.

Stress seems to creep in during this time of year. As the stress overtook so many women’s lives, I decided then and there that I didn’t want it to be that way for me even if I married and had babies. I wanted it to be different for me. I love Advent too much to have it stolen away by to-do lists and running around checking things off.

From talking with some married mommas, they make intentional decisions and plans that allows them to enter into Advent. Rather than focusing on preparations for Christmas, the focus is on Christ.

Here are some ideas of how to take the stress out of Advent by Our Sunday Visitor.

What moms may not realize when they share their load and long for a single woman’s day, is that single woman is longing to do what mommas are doing everyday with their children. I remember one night with tears in my eyes, thinking I would have done anything to be bathing my children and putting them to bed. If I could have chosen raising babies and being married over being single trying to figure out what to put into my life to make it full and purposeful, I would have.

So, as the holiday stress can sneak in, I encourage you to not compare your busyness or life to another’s. Instead, I would make this Advent and Christmas season a less stressful one filled with hope, wonder, and awe.