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Striving for Sainthood

Life is hard. I mean rrreeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy hard at times. Would you agree? We live in a fast-paced, money-making, reputation-saving society and all this to “keep the peace” at any cost. We also live in the “culture of death” as the great St. Pope John Paul II rightfully deemed it. Broken homes, broken marriages, broken people.… Continue reading Striving for Sainthood

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No Matter How Small

Loud voices echoed through the long hallway. A wail of agony heard from the front room where the congregation of residents gathered; laughter from another corner. She quickly darted across the room so as not to disturb their so-called peace. As she passed each wheelchair-bound person, she smiled and simply said, “Good morning”, ever so… Continue reading No Matter How Small


Sacrificial Love, Sanctifying Grace: How to Find Joy in Suffering

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “friends are for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”. However, have you ever replaced the word ‘friends’ with ‘suffering’? All of us endure hardships and suffer in some way throughout this journey in life. Some may suffer more than others. Some may feel their burden is heavier than… Continue reading Sacrificial Love, Sanctifying Grace: How to Find Joy in Suffering