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No Matter How Small

Loud voices echoed through the long hallway. A wail of agony heard from the front room where the congregation of residents gathered; laughter from another corner. She quickly darted across the room so as not to disturb their so-called peace. As she passed each wheelchair-bound person, she smiled and simply said, “Good morning”, ever so… Continue reading No Matter How Small

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Prayer Intentions of Elizabeth Ministry & RECLAiM Sexual Health, Spring 2017

Lord Jesus Christ, You have chosen Elizabeth Ministry and RECLAiM Sexual Health to minister to those who experience challenges in the areas of procreation and sexuality. Please use us for Your glory and the growth of Your Kingdom on earth. Lord Jesus, hear our prayer: for the founders, staff members, and ministers of EMI/RECLAiM, for… Continue reading Prayer Intentions of Elizabeth Ministry & RECLAiM Sexual Health, Spring 2017

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Dear Mom, Advent Is for YOU, too.

Advent is here again.  I love that over the years the Advent and Christmas traditions in our home have solidified to something normal and rhythmical.  We don’t do any of them perfectly and oftentimes in the thick of night prayers or lighting the oh-so-tempting candles at the dinner table there is, of course, still arguing… Continue reading Dear Mom, Advent Is for YOU, too.

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August Prayer Needs

Please join us this month in presenting to Our Lord the following needs: + for teens and young adults, that they might exhibit strong Christ-like character in the face of negative peer pressure. +for an increase of healthy marriages and families. +for strength in the fight against pornography and premarital sexual temptations. +for film-makers and… Continue reading August Prayer Needs