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Striving for Sainthood

Life is hard. I mean rrreeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy hard at times. Would you agree? We live in a fast-paced, money-making, reputation-saving society and all this to “keep the peace” at any cost. We also live in the “culture of death” as the great St. Pope John Paul II rightfully deemed it. Broken homes, broken marriages, broken people.… Continue reading Striving for Sainthood

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Healing My Marriage Through Natural Family Planning

Having overcome a promiscuous past and knowing that I would soon be intimate with my husband for the very first time on our wedding night, I felt like I had attained success over sexual sin in my life. For the first time since becoming sexually active at the age of 13, I felt like I… Continue reading Healing My Marriage Through Natural Family Planning

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My Children Aren’t the Enemy to My Marriage (even when it feels like it)

“The children born to them – and here is the challenge – should consolidate that covenant, enriching and deepening the conjugal communion of the father and mother.” – Pope John Paul II, Letter to Families After I read those words a few months ago I was simultaneously relieved and convicted. It can be a challenge indeed… Continue reading My Children Aren’t the Enemy to My Marriage (even when it feels like it)

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Titus 2 Part 3: Now It’s My Turn

My role as an older woman has evolved. For whomever God sends me, I have learned to first be her intercessor, then her friend and finally a spiritual mother. Once she trusts me, I try to give wise counsel but only when asked and only when she comes to me. My door is now wide… Continue reading Titus 2 Part 3: Now It’s My Turn

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When You Adopt, Things Change

I remember when we first started the adoption process. I looked at the mound of paperwork with both excitement and dread. It just seemed so daunting for many different reasons. Emotionally and financially I remember questioning many times — are we REALLY ready for this? I remember feeling so ready to become a mother and… Continue reading When You Adopt, Things Change