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Titus 2 Part 3: Now It’s My Turn

My role as an older woman has evolved. For whomever God sends me, I have learned to first be her intercessor, then her friend and finally a spiritual mother. Once she trusts me, I try to give wise counsel but only when asked and only when she comes to me. My door is now wide… Continue reading Titus 2 Part 3: Now It’s My Turn

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When You Adopt, Things Change

I remember when we first started the adoption process. I looked at the mound of paperwork with both excitement and dread. It just seemed so daunting for many different reasons. Emotionally and financially I remember questioning many times — are we REALLY ready for this? I remember feeling so ready to become a mother and… Continue reading When You Adopt, Things Change

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When Marriage Feels Like Treading Water

This week we have a guest post from Shannon Evans. Shannon believes that we all belong to each other. A wife and mother of three boys through birth and adoption, she enjoys scrubbing sticky furniture, hosing mud off children, and rushing to the ER to have nails extracted from small intestines. Shannon blogs about faith,… Continue reading When Marriage Feels Like Treading Water

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Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re talking about neither mamas nor babies, pregnancy nor miscarriage. Today we’re talking about the other half of Elizabeth Ministry, RECLAiM Sexual Health™ and the effect that pornography has on our culture and the future of families. That’s basically mamas and papas, and all the kids as well!   The effect… Continue reading PRAYER NEEDS: WHY and HOW?