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Sharing Good News Beyond the Pond and Prayer Needs

Anyone who knows us knows that we like to travel and, doing so, we tell others about Elizabeth Ministry and RECLAiM. Anyone who knows us well knows that we just returned on November 22nd from a month in New Zealand and two weeks in the Sydney-Canberra areas of Australia, doing precisely that, as well as… Continue reading Sharing Good News Beyond the Pond and Prayer Needs

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Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re talking about neither mamas nor babies, pregnancy nor miscarriage. Today we’re talking about the other half of Elizabeth Ministry, RECLAiM Sexual Health™ and the effect that pornography has on our culture and the future of families. That’s basically mamas and papas, and all the kids as well!   The effect… Continue reading PRAYER NEEDS: WHY and HOW?

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Wounded Women Need Faithful Friends

This week’s post comes to us from Elizabeth Ministry Founder, Jeannie Hannemann. If you come upon a car accident and discover a woman who is unconscious and bleeding, you will call 911 and give whatever emergency care is possible. But what about those women who have had an emotional or relational accident that has left invisible… Continue reading Wounded Women Need Faithful Friends

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Boys Will Be Boys?

You know the old saying, “Boys will be boys.” We all use it to explain everything from messy faces to wrestling, and not being able to sit still. Recently, while watching a popular morning show, I heard a new use for this saying. The hosts starting talking about teenage boys viewing pornography. Their response to… Continue reading Boys Will Be Boys?