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Healing My Marriage Through Natural Family Planning

Having overcome a promiscuous past and knowing that I would soon be intimate with my husband for the very first time on our wedding night, I felt like I had attained success over sexual sin in my life. For the first time since becoming sexually active at the age of 13, I felt like I… Continue reading Healing My Marriage Through Natural Family Planning

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When You Adopt, Things Change

I remember when we first started the adoption process. I looked at the mound of paperwork with both excitement and dread. It just seemed so daunting for many different reasons. Emotionally and financially I remember questioning many times — are we REALLY ready for this? I remember feeling so ready to become a mother and… Continue reading When You Adopt, Things Change

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It’s the Little Ways that Make Our Days

Simplicity, detachment, restraint, clarity…how many of us have thought of making our lives less chaotic by de-cluttering or “spring cleaning”? I’ve been working at this for many years. After our leap of faith, which you can read about here, I have begun to see more clearly the path God has laid out for me. St. Therese… Continue reading It’s the Little Ways that Make Our Days