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Light Up the School Year

[I wrote these thoughts last year, as my first child headed off to Kindergarten.  As she prepares for the upcoming start to the new school year, the emotions and hopes for her remain the same.] Lunch packed–check. Outfit laid out–check. Backpack packed–check. Emotional Mom–check and double check. For the past 5 1/2 years, my sweet… Continue reading Light Up the School Year

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Ditching Expectations

I love cookbooks. Cookbooks with lavish photography. Cookbooks from church or school fundraisers. Old cookbooks from Grandma Jane. Brand spanking new cookbooks. I love reading over the recipes, imagining the flavors of the foods, picturing myself testing out the new concoction, or sometimes laughing at the absurdity of serving the food to my large and… Continue reading Ditching Expectations

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The Power of a Single Visit

Never Underestimate the Power of a Single Visit.  Growing up with Elizabeth Ministry, I’ve heard and read those words countless times without much afterthought.  It wasn’t until into my adulthood that I really started taking that sentiment to heart. After getting married, I moved 2 1/2 hours away from my hometown to join my husband… Continue reading The Power of a Single Visit

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Treasure the Moments

In 2006 my father-in-law, William F. Mongan, who was affectionately called Bill, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Despite being 82 years old, the family was devastated. It came on the coat-tails of Bill losing his beloved wife, Fran, who he adored. During her battle with ovarian cancer, Bill willingly took on the role… Continue reading Treasure the Moments


Lent: Taking it Further Than Just Fishsticks on Fridays

Lent is here.  Restaurants and grocery stores are running seafood specials left and right.  Meal-planning is slightly easier now, as I will be serving fish sticks every Friday evening for the next 6 weeks.  But, I know there’s more to this special Liturgical season than the consumption of crispy battered hunks of cod.  I want… Continue reading Lent: Taking it Further Than Just Fishsticks on Fridays

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Titus 2 Part 3: Now It’s My Turn

My role as an older woman has evolved. For whomever God sends me, I have learned to first be her intercessor, then her friend and finally a spiritual mother. Once she trusts me, I try to give wise counsel but only when asked and only when she comes to me. My door is now wide… Continue reading Titus 2 Part 3: Now It’s My Turn

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Where is the Church in Pregnancy, Miscarriage, and Birth?

    I’ve had the feeling myself and I’ve heard it expressed among a lot of friends. “Where is the Church during …?” At the most difficult or the most profound moments of our lives, we want…something. Something official that shows that these huge and life-altering moments are recognized by the body of Christ. We want… Continue reading Where is the Church in Pregnancy, Miscarriage, and Birth?